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( Hs ) W8a Of 10 Work..epub


( Hs ) W8a Of 10 Work..epub

Kodak, New York, 1983 PROBLEM OVERVIEW In short, I am trying to design an electrical generator that can easily be recharged by using solar energy. I am using solar energy to recharge the battery and the generator is used to turn on a fan to produce more electricity. The circuit consists of a simple zener diode. When I tested the circuit, it is working great, but when I tried to re-charge the battery it fails and the current stays high and the zener diode doesn't work. If the system fails, the fan doesn't work. ANALYSIS AND RESULTS I tested the circuit three times on a sunny day with the same voltage input of 1.5V and noticed that each time the battery fails to be re-charged and the current stays high. I measured the current with a current meter and found that the current is as high as 1.2A. I turned the DC motor for the fan and the DC motor works fine with the circuit. I tested the circuit at different voltages such as 0.5V, 1.0V and 2.0V and it still doesn't work. At different temperatures, the battery also failed to be re-charged. I also tested it on a rainy day with 0.4V and it still worked. CONCLUSION AND IMPLICATIONS I think the problem is that the voltage source (battery) isn't stable enough to be connected to the circuit. Therefore, my question is, what could be the main reason that the battery doesn't work? Please provide any comments, information and suggestions. Thank you very much in advance. Dissertation Abstracts International (The Netherlands, The Hague) May 06, 1978 By Darlene Lewis An investigation has been made to identify the causes of diabetic complications in a population of type I diabetics, to determine if it is possible to identify those diabetics who will develop diabetic complications in the future, and to determine the incidence of diabetic complications in a population of patients with either insulin-dependent or noninsulin-dependent diabetes. In the case of the study of the population of patients with diabetes and its complications, the research method used was a case-control study. The control group was selected from a population of type I diabetics with good metabolic control, that is, no diabetic complications or any other health problem that could interfere with their metabolic control. The cases were selected from the general

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( Hs ) W8a Of 10 Work..epub

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